Stories of Hope

Lora Wallace

Hi. My name is Lora Wallace and I am a breast cancer survivor!

Years before I was diagnosed, I worked at Summa’s Breast & Imaging Center. I was the person that made follow-up calls for additional imaging. I could hear the fear in my callers’ voices and I would listen to them cry and try to comfort them. On April 10, 2015, when I got the phone call saying I had cancer, I felt like all the other women that I had called before.

I could noticeably feel a mass in my breast and had a gut feeling it wasn’t good. My doctor told me to come to the office for a consult, and afterward, said I needed a biopsy. A few days, later I had it done. At my follow-up appointment, she told me my suspicion was right…I had cancer. Mentally, I had prepared myself for the results, so when I went to the doctor, I went alone. I listened to her explain my biopsy results, but when she said the words “you have cancer” all I heard after was Charlie Brown’s teacher!

I left the office and sat in my car for a little while. No tears. No anger. No sadness. I was just kind of numb—trying to figure out how I was going to tell my husband (our first anniversary was in a few months) and then my daughter, how could I possibly tell her?!

On May 4, 2015, I had a partial mastectomy and four lymph nodes removed. This was followed by 33 rounds of radiation. Everything was done at Summa Barberton. I went back to work two weeks after the surgery and continued my radiation treatments without missing a day. For me, this is what worked. I wanted to keep a normal routine and just get through it. To do that, I surrounded myself with family, friends, and lots of prayers.