Stories of Hope

Hal Millage
North Canton, OH

In 2010 my prostate cancer returned, which is when I came to Summa under the care of Dr. Mahesh.

At Summa, everyone’s there to help you and treats you like family. Dr. Mahesh even makes you feel like part of the care team. I’d come up with questions and he’d be very patient about explaining things. And he doesn’t just treat the patient, he treats the whole family. He’s been a real blessing because I couldn’t ask for better care. Even if I lived in California I’d fly in to see him. That’s how much I appreciate him!

And the girls at the infusion center, too. They’re all so friendly and qualified. They make you feel comfortable (as comfortable as you can be in that situation). Do you need a warm blanket? Do you need water? Do you something to eat? Etc.

I’m not sure I’d still be alive if is wasn’t for Dr. Mahesh and the hardworking team at Summa.